The Glu Hotel - Palermo Soho

The Glu Boutique Hotel creates an elegant and intimate atmosphere that conects its guests with the best Palermo Soho has to offer. Architects and designers worked on The Glu project with passion so you can enjoy the best service with a deep respect for your individual privacy.

We invite you to share our world...

Front Desk & Bar
Glam Suite
Luxe Suite
Glu Suite - Terrace
Glu Suite
Backyard - Day
Backyard - Night
Glam Suite 2
Glam Suite 2
Glu Suite 2
Front Desk & Bar 2
Glu Suite 3
Living 2
Living 3
Living 4
Living 5
Living 6
Living 7
Living 8
Backyard 2
Backyard 3
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